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ÓKEYPIS útbering um allar Føroyar, um tú keypir fyri meira enn 500 kr.

Issues facing christians today

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Terrorism. Same-sex marriage. Debt cancellation. The AIDS pandemic. These are just some of the critical contemporary issues addressed in this book.Issues Facing Christians Today helps thinking Christians sift through and respond to a sweeping array of complex and pressing topics. Thoroughly revised and updated by Roy McCloughry and fully endorsed by John Stott, this fourth edition continues a two-decades-plus legacy of bringing important current issues under the lens of biblically informed thinking.Combining a keen global awareness with a gift for penetrating analysis, the authors examine such vital topics as:Pluralism and Christian witnessCohabitation, environmentalism, and ecological stewardshipWar and peaceAbortion and euthanasiaAnd much more.An entirely new chapter on bio-engineering has been contributed by Professor John Wyatt of University College London. Including a study guide, Issues Facing Christians Today is essential reading for Christians who wish to engage our culture with insight, passion, and faith, knowing that the gospel is as relevant and deeply needed today as at any time in history. As the culture wars continue, this book will remain a critical contribution, helping to define Christian social and ethical thinking in the years ahead.


Rithøvundur: John Stott
Forlag: Zondervan
Útgivin: 2006
Blaðsíður: 528